We are a Mexican brand, born in the city of Mérida in 2016. Initially, we sold conventional sunglasses, made of plastic and with minimal UV protection. As the months went by, we decided to increase the quality of the offer and give it added value, so we decided to sell high-quality bamboo and wood lenses, polarized.
At Ozono3 we are committed to caring for the planet. We understand the importance of creating ecologically sustainable businesses that do not generate a negative environmental impact. Our goal is simple, that each person contributes their bit to give more life to the Earth and reduce the consumption of polluting products. If you change, you can lead by example to your friends and family.


Contribute our grain of sand in the trends of ecology and care of the environment, offering products for daily use of a renewable material, offering a mixture of quality and fashion to our customers.


Production and sale of sustainable products that boost the Mexican economy using natural materials that reduce the environmental impact that we experience in the world today.