1- 100% biodegradable material

The enormous amount of waste created by humans is concentrated in our oceans and green areas, gradually killing flora and fauna. Bamboo is a 100% biodegradable material, so our sunglasses do not pollute once you stop wearing them.

2 - Reduction of CO2 on the planet

Bamboo is a plant that absorbs a large amount of CO2, a gas that pollutes our planet; In addition, it has the peculiarity of growing in an accelerated way and in any type of soil, thus reducing human intervention, artificial treatment and, therefore, the emission of CO2 to our ozone layer.

3 - Absolute resistance

Bamboo is one of the most resistant woods that exist on our earth. Today entire houses are built with this material (don't worry about your glasses, they won't break anytime soon; on the contrary, they can last much longer than you think).

Now that you know the advantages of using bamboo, what are you waiting for to buy your Ozono3 sunglasses?