Learn about the advantages of wooden sunglasses.

1- Reduction of CO2 on the planet

By using products of natural origin (such as recycled wood from our lenses) we prevent excessive consumption and production of plastic from emitting greater amounts of CO2, a gas that pollutes our planet and increasingly takes over our ozone layer, raising the temperatures, melting glaciers and killing fauna and flora in their wake.

2- Absolute resistance

Wood is extremely resistant. Today entire houses are built with this material (don't worry about your sunglasses, they won't break anytime soon; on the contrary, they can last much longer than you think).

A little about us

At Ozono3 we are committed to caring for the planet. We understand the importance of creating ecologically sustainable businesses that do not generate a negative environmental impact. Our goal is simple, that each person contributes their bit to give more life to the Earth and reduce the consumption of polluting products. If you change, you can lead by example to your friends and family.

Start by contributing your grain of sand by changing our consumption habits.