Advantages of polarizing sunglasses

Polarizing and UV400 protection are different things, and many lenses only include UV protection and not the polarized.

Polarizing is a treatment applied to lens lenses to block light reflections and only allows useful light to pass through, that is, it only lets through the light you need to see clearly, something like a filter that removes the bad and leaves the good.

This will allow you to avoid flashazos while driving or doing any activity that requires concentration.

It will also give you greater sharpness and contrast in your view, making the colors look much more natural.

This is obvious and easy to compare when viewing clear panoramas because there is a greater variety of colors and shades of light available, making the difference much more noticeable.

No polarized
With polarized
Con polarizado

We know that once you do the test you will not stop asking before buying sunglasses.

That is why we include a polarized test in all our sunglasses so that you can see the difference that is sometimes so subtle that it is not noticeable with the naked eye, especially in certain light conditions.

Take care of your sight, taking care of the planet.